Dedicated Servers: Then and Now

Route back when in the prior days Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and not by any stretch of the imagination that long after Google, DreamHost was providing devoted servers to the majority. In those days, every individual machine was fabricated and sent as requests came in. At crest, we facilitated a “gigantic” 150 committed servers altogether, with some exceptionally fascinating sites certainly! In the last 50% of this current century’s first decade, we chose that committed servers were more inconvenience than they were worth. We kept on supporting those initial 150 clients, yet we quit tolerating new recruits out and out to concentrate more on our center business of shared facilitating.

We understood the mistake of our choice in 2011 thanks in expansive part to client request. We intensely computerized the arrangement procedure and re-discharged our devoted offering with some new and bulky (at the time) quad-center Intel processors and up to an incredible 16GB of RAM! Indeed, even four years prior, that was quite great! Inside the initial half a month we sold more devoted servers than we at any point bolstered anytime in our history. Individuals enjoyed the item!

As we kept supporting a huge number of these new “Blue Moon” servers, we by and by took our eye off of development on our committed line to concentrate on a considerable lot of the extremely cool things we have been doing with DreamObjects and DreamCompute. For reasons unknown, whatever is left of the business appears to have done likewise! The greater part of our mass-showcase web facilitating contenders are as yet offering quad center Intel processors with up to a not really walloping any longer 16GB, and in a lone case, 32GB of RAM.

Indeed, client request has managed our committed server bearing. A week ago, we propelled a complimentary line to the Blue Moon servers we’ve been offering since 2011. I am extremely satisfied to acquaint everybody with the Summer Moon group of devoted servers! As the requests for figuring power, plate speed, and RAM limit keep on evolving, so should we. To react to that request, this is what we’ve done:

Expanded the center rely on all Summer Moon servers to 12. That is 3x the measure of our Blue Moon line, and generally contenders.

Expanded the base stockpiling to 2TB.

Included a possibility for blasting quick SSDs if circle speed is a prerequisite

Included alternatives for RAM as far as possible up to 64GB.

Pushed send time for committed servers down to 15 minutes (from a couple of hours). That implies once you join, you are headed toward the races nearly as snappy as it takes to turn up a Virtual Machine in some Cloud conditions.

The chart underneath features a portion of the things we’ve included into the new Summer Moon line

We’re quite amped up for this new and effective equipment. It’s what you’ve been requesting, and we’re cheerful that we can at long last toss the entryways open and shout “THEY’RE HERE”! Watch out for much more augmentations throughout the following couple of quarters!

Try not to be modest about going to our committed server page and giving our Configurator device a spin to make a machine that matches your requirements!

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